Mike is the only person in Texas history to serve as chief of staff for two Texas Governors. Former three-term Texas House member and chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. Named one of Texas top lobbyist in Capitol Inside’s power rankings since their inception.

Present Position

Partner – Texas Lobby Partners

“Mike Toomey has broken the mold, however, as the only former Republican State Legislator in the lobby hall of fame. Toomey found himself dogged to some degree in the earlier stages of his lobby career by perceptions that he was too hyper-partison to be truly effective in an industry that operates more like a fraternal brotherhood than a business. The skeptics had speculated that Toomey’s heyday would end when he no longer had the Perry connection as leverage. But Perry’s departure from the governor’s office two years ago may have inspired Toomey to work harder than ever at trying to be the best based on recent accolades that peers and competitors have dished his way. That’s the mark of a true hall of famer.”  Capitol Inside 2017

  • Ranked the Top Hired Gun Lobbyist in 2021 by Capitol Inside.

“Mr. Toomey . . . is now considered the leading business lobbyist in Texas.”  New York Times, 2011

Immediate Past Positions

Senior Advisor and Chief Operating Officer to Governor Abbott’s Strike Force to Open Texas –2020

Chief of Staff to Governors Rick Perry and Bill Clements 2002 – 2004; 1989 – 1990

  • Only individual in Texas History to be Chief of Staff for Two Texas Governors.
  • Chief of Staff to Governor Rick Perry: 2002-2004

“Mike Toomey brought incredible talent, expertise and focus to my staff and was a major factor in the successes of the 2003 legislative session.” – Governor Rick Perry, Press Release, Sept 3, 2004.

  • Chief of Staff to former Governor Bill Clements: 1989-1990

“His hard work contributed significantly to the success of the regular session this year.” – Governor Bill Clements, Dallas Morning News, 1989

State Representative, HD 135 – Houston, Texas 1983 – 1988

68th Legislature

  • Named the Best House Freshman by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.
  • Judiciary and Urban Affairs Committees

69th Legislature

  • Named one of the Ten Best Legislators by Texas Monthly Magazine.
  • Chairman, Subcommittee on Dedicated State Funds
  • Appropriations Committee
  • Conference Committee on Appropriations Bill
  • Judiciary Committee

70th Legislature

  • Named one of the Seven Best Legislators by the Dallas Morning News.
  • Chairman, Judiciary Committee
  • Natural Resources Committee
  • House Sponsor of successful Tort Reform legislation.


South Texas College of Law, Juris Doctor, 1976

Baylor University, Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy, 1972

 Civic Activities, Achievements, & Awards

  • Former Chairman of the Board – West Houston Chamber of Commerce
  • Optimist Club President
  • Recipient American Tort Reform Association, “Tort Reformer” 1987
  • Rated One of the Top Five Hired Gun Lobbyists by Capitol Inside every year since entering the profession.

 Newspaper and Magazine Comments about Mike Toomey

“I want you to know that I’ve already begun working with this team about next steps for Texas,” Governor Greg Abbott said at Friday’s news conference, referring to Huffines as someone “who has successfully run businesses and knows his way around the Capitol” and calling Toomey “a proven chief operating officer who knows how to quickly deliver results.”

Texas Tribune 2020

Mike Toomey has all but owned the top of the mountain in the rankings that appeared initially on the day when the Texas political and governmental news and information publication was born online exactly 16 years ago today. Toomey – a former Texas House Republican who served as the chief of staff for two governors – has been rated lower than second only once since 2005 on the hired gun list that’s been the project’s centerpiece in the lobby rankings that are rolled out during the opening month of regular sessions in odd-numbered year.

Capitol Insider 2019

Mike Toomey, Texas Lobby Hall of Fame 2005-2019.

Capitol Insider 2019

Mike Toomey, four-way tie for #1 Hired Gun Lobbyist.

Capitol Insider 2019

Austin lobbyist Mike Toomey and political guru Dave Carney have long been linked as architects of Republican politics in Texas.”

Dallas Morning News, March 2014

“Mr. Toomey, Mr. Perry’s former chief of staff, is now considered the leading business lobbyist in Texas.”

Albert Hunt, New York Times, August 21, 2011

“…it should come as no surprise that no one is rated higher on Capitol Inside’s Texas Lobby Power Rankings for 2011.”

Hailey, Capitol Inside, 2011.

“Mr. Toomey has turned his robust lobbying business into a political force in the state”

New York Times, 2011.

“Under Toomey’s guidance, that vanguard of political professionals helped undertake the complete Republican takeover of state government.”

Laylan Copelin, Austin American Statesman, May 16, 2004

“A man who had always been known for his intensity and hard work…”

Dave McNeely, Austin American Statesman, August 26, 2001

“Toomey was such a key budget-cutting member of the House Appropriations Committee during the economic turndown in Texas caused by the oil bust..”

Dave McNeely, Austin American Statesman, August 26, 2001

“…Texas Monthly magazine named him one of 10 top legislators.”

Dave McNeely, Austin American Statesman, August 26, 2001

“Toomey was the first real tort reformer. He started the crusade, and he was successful.”

Bruce Gibson, Austin American Statesman, August 26, 2001

“There’s nobody who works harder, studies the issues more and is more determined. He is a tough, tough negotiator.”

Kent Caperton, Austin American Statesman, August 26, 2001

“Toomey read every single bill that was filed. And I don’t mean skimmed’em.”

Cliff Johnson, Austin American Statesman, August 26, 2001

“He has once again served the state tirelessly, and I am grateful for his dedication to serving the people of Texas.”

Governor Rick Perry, Austin American Statesman, September 4, 2004

“…had all the qualities essential to mastering this most difficult of legislative arts: industry, inspiration, a mind for detail, and objectivity.”

Paul Burka and Alison Cook, Texas Monthly’s 10 Best legislators, July 1985

“….Toomey has accumulated the skill and will to influence every issue of consequence. Toomey brings to the job a work ethic that has been legendary since 1985..”

Patricia Kilday Hart, Texas Monthly, May 2003

“He approaches issues with a zeal and tenacity that even his detractors admire. Everything about him speaks of discipline.”

Patricia Kilday Hart, Texas Monthly, May 2003

“Toomey does his homework, argues his points and carries voluminous knowledge on a wide range of issues…”

The 7 Best, Dallas Morning News, June 2, 1987

“His hard work contributed significantly to the success of the regular session this year.”

Governor Bill Clements, The Dallas Morning News, 1989

“For the past twenty years, Mike Toomey has loomed large in state government,…as the Capitol’s premier business lobbyist…With his encyclopedic knowledge of state government…”

Patricia Kilday Hart, Texas Monthly, May 2003